Ivan Tsang | screenwriter

Ivan Tsang’s breakthrough moment into the industry was when he won the HBO Access writing fellowship where he developed his own pilot entitled “Everybody Loves Asian Men” which HBO then optioned three times over the next two years.

Prior to this, Ivan was a native of Toronto, Canada and an MFA Graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. Ivan originally moved to LA to work with the growing online Asian American movement of digital influencers, and as a result, scripted content he’s written for AT&T, Subaru, Wong Fu Productions, KevJumba, Jubilee Media, Jeremy Lin, ISA TV, and others has been viewed over 100 million times.

Viral success opened many doors and as a result, Ivan has written and developed feature films for production companies all across town.

Most recently, Ivan wrote a pilot with SB PROJECTS (Scooter Braun’s Production Company, Producers of “Dave” on FX) based on an unannounced IP, and currently Ivan is writing two films (and he apologizes for the vagueness of the upcoming two statements as they are not public and he doesn’t want to get sued, or at least sent a strongly worded email).

The first film is for DEXTER STUDIOS, a Korean studio for an actress to star who is currently the main lead on an 2022 upcoming Netflix Series. The second feature film is a Rom-Com for a Production Company based at LIONSGATE that has an MCU lead (Marvel) actor attached to star.

Most importantly though, Ivan is a proud owner of a Pug named Russell who has spent the pandemic snoring through dozens of zoom meetings on his lap.


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